The 2020 Toyota GR Supra is a work of art, inside and out. Made with intention, the sport body and interior seats are matched with a 3.0L twin-scroll turbocharged engine with 335 horsepower. Technology adds to the beauty of the new GR Supra, with Supra Connect, Supra Command, and Supra Safety Suite. 

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Inside the 2020 Toyota GR Supra


The 2020 GR Supra is beautifully made. Looking at its shapely body and jewel-shaped LED headlights, anyone can tell this vehicle was made to offer intelligent luxury. Every aspect of the GR Supra was intentionally made to not only look great, but also supply a dynamic ride.

The Supra’s double-bubble roof allows for more head room, more air flow, and less noise from outdoors concentrating inside your cabin. The interior also has seats made for a sports car. Deep side bolsters for extra room, 14-way power adjustment to find the perfect position while driving, standard leather trim for comfort and luxury, and two-state heating features make any ride comfortable. 


The GR Supra is made with powerful performance, tailored to give you an impressive driving experience with the 3.0L twin-scroll turbocharged, 6-cylinder engine. Combined with the engine’s 335-horsepower, ZF 8HP 8-speed transmission works to bring amplified acceleration whenever you want it.

Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) senses the road as you drive and adjusts accordingly. Your vehicle can transform immediately to whatever the current second needs it to be, as the AVS reads current conditions thousands of times every second.

The 2020 GR Supra has two modes of driving to further enhance your ride. Normal mode is perfect for your daily commute, making your ride smooth and easy. Sport mode transforms your Supra into an incredibly responsive beast with a hunger for speed.


Toyota understands the importance of having your phone safely connected to your vehicle, which is why Supra Connect comes standard with your new ride. Supra Connect also comes with Automatic Emergency Call and Real-Time Traffic Information. The Supra Connect iPhone app allows you to lock and unlock your Supra’s doors and activate Ventilation Now so you are ready to get on the road, the second you get in your car.

Supra Command is your center for all commands to multimedia features. You can use your fingers to write in the addresses of your destinations with its touch-sensitive surface, and zoom in and out of the map. Select functions by simply turning and pressing the Supra Command dial.

Supra Safety Suite offers advanced safety features to make your job as the driver less work and more enjoyment. These features include: