Spring is here. Now that the winter cold is in the past, you’re probably aching to shake off the cobwebs and enjoy the outdoors. Here are some fun spring activities you can enjoy around Sanford and Fayetteville, North Carolina, and some tips on how a new Toyota car can help you get the most out of each one.

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Enjoy Spring Around Sanford and Fayetteville in Your New Toyota Car

Explore San-Lee Park

The warmer weather of spring is the perfect chance to get back in touch with nature. San-Lee Park, located in Sanford, offers over 177 acres of woods, trails, and lakes to enjoy. It’s a great place to go biking, rent a paddle boat, camp overnight, or just have a picnic with your family.

With all the options at San-Lee Park, you’ll want a vehicle that’s ready for anything you might choose. The Toyota 4Runner gives you up to 89.7 cu. ft. of cargo space to work with, and it can even be equipped with a bike rack, making this midsize SUV a great fit for park exploration.

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Kayak Deep River

With the increased rain, spring is also a great time to kayak or canoe Deep River. Although the flow is typically fairly slow, the river is surrounded by trees and chances to spot local wildlife making it perfect for a leisurely float. You can easily access the river from McIver Landing.

The Toyota Tacoma pickup has the power to haul you and your friends’ kayaks or canoes to the river, thanks to its max towing capacity of 6,400 pounds. If you opt for the crew or double cab, you’ll have room to bring everyone in one vehicle.

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See Blooms at the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens

Every year spring breathes new life into plant life as leaves return, new flowers bloom, and color comes back. With a great diversity of local plants of all kinds, the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens in Fayetteville is the best place to experience the vibrancy of spring.

Want a vehicle that helps you protect plant diversity? With a fuel-sipping 40 highway mpg, the Toyota Corolla can lessen your impact on the planet (and your bank account).

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Fishing on Jordan Lake

The early months of spring are the perfect chance to land a trophy largemouth bass at Jordan Lake. With over 230 miles of undeveloped coastline, this lake offers plenty of private spots to fish.

Fishing takes lots of equipment. With the seats folded down, the versatile 2018 Toyota RAV4 has all the space you need. In fact, this compact crossover fits up to 73.4 cu. ft. of cargo, more than enough room for your tackle box, rod, and cooler. You can even install a roof rack for even more options.

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